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To help businesses safely resume their operations, IntraEdge has rolled out its Janus “privacy-first” self-check temperature kiosks, according to an announcement.

The technology company described its device as a “turn-key contactless solution” that lets businesses that reopen support the wellness and privacy of staffers as well as clients.

Dan Clarke, president of IntraEdge products and solutions, said in the announcement, “As state’s begin to reopen, businesses need a safe and secure way to support their employees and customers. Regular temperature checks are one piece of the puzzle. The Janus kiosks are developed as a privacy-first solution to sense temperature and verify identity with maximum convenience and safety.”

The check-in procedures of the kiosk consist of four steps to let staffers and clients conduct their business as they normally would. Additionally, the check-in process can be connected to HR systems already in place and can support card scanning as well as manual inputs. The kiosk, for its part, can be freestanding. It can also be installed on a countertop or used with a wall mount.

The kiosk harnesses the Truyo Privacy Rights Platform, which is an IntraEdge product powered by Intel, and Pyramid’s Flex kiosk’s thermal imaging technology. The company also noted that the kiosk only takes in temperature values received through the thermal imaging camera. That data, it says, is “immediately encrypted then transmitted to Truyo’s highly secure cloud environment,” and information is not kept on the device.

The news comes as consumers report being almost eight times more concerned about dying from the virus than losing their employment or personal fortunes as a result of it. Over 25 percent of the consumers PYMNTS studied reported personally knowing someone who had a positive test result.

Almost half — or 49 percent — of all consumers PYMNTS studied reported that a vaccine would provide them with the confidence to restart their normal activities. And 45 percent of consumers now foresee the pandemic lasting six months or longer.

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