From consent to privacy rights automation, Truyo provides you with the tools and platform to create better privacy experiences for consumers, employees, service providers, and privacy teams.

Create Better Privacy Experiences

Privacy Rights & Consent Management

Achieve compliance with laws like GDPR and CCPA by providing a world-class platform for consumers to exercise their data rights and control their consent preferences. 

Overcome "Do Not Sell", right to know, and right to delete challenges with an automated approach that doesn't require privacy team intervention.

Deliver Fast ROI with a Privacy UX Approach

"Privacy UX is composed of the aspects of a privacy program that are exposed to the public, where weaknesses are laid bare for all to see. Security and risk management leaders must reassure users and regulators that personal data is handled both lawfully and ethically by focusing on their privacy UX."

Nader Henein, VP Analyst, Gartner - "Practical Privacy - A Definitive Guide to Privacy UX"

Truyo Features & Benefits

icon portal

Consumer & Admin Portal

A self-serve privacy experience

icon identity

Identity Validation & Security

Automated identity validation with bank-level security

icon dashboard

Dashboard & Workflow Management

Easily see and track tasks and deadlines

icon data collection

Data Collection Engine

Automatically search, extract, and present data to users

icon data change

Data Change Engine

Automatically delete, change, or anonymize data across all systems

icon consent

Consent Management

Let consumers manage consent in the same portal

icon reporting

Reporting & Audit Trail

Automatically log everything with detailed reporting

Truyo Employment Portal

Employment Portal

Separate workflows/portal for employment data requests

Our Clients Save More

Within one month we saved:

  • A large retail chain $2.7mm in operating costs with CCPA automation
  • A mid-size restaurant chain $350,000 in operating costs with CCPA automation
  • A national home goods chain $1.1mm in operating costs with CCPA automation
  • A national health and wellness chain $2.6mm in staffing costs with CCPA automation
  • A salon chain $180,000 in operating costs with CCPA automation
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