Truyo for Privacy Rights Management

Overcome enterprise data privacy rights compliance uncertainty with Truyo. Avoid additional operational and budgetary overhead with an automated solution.

Truyo Privacy Rights Automated

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Automatically fulfill requests, build reports, and reduce risk

From the GDPR to the CCPA and beyond, individual rights requirements are on the rise.

With Truyo, you can gain true SRR (subject rights request), consent preference and data privacy compliance automation by providing a self-serve portal for you and your end-users.

"The value of the Truyo platform as it pertains to the changing regulatory environment and the importance of privacy within the global landscape cannot be overstated"

Chris Dieringer, Microsoft US Retail and CPG Industry Practice Leader

Savings Through Automation

Within one month we have saved:

  • A large retail chain $2.7mm in operating costs with CCPA automation
  • A mid-size restaurant chain $350,000 in operating costs with CCPA automation
  • A national home goods chain $1.1mm in operating costs with CCPA automation
  • A national health and wellness chain $2.6mm in staffing costs with CCPA automation
  • A salon chain $180,000 in operating costs with CCPA automation
See Truyo Automation in Action
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3 Considerations for CCPA Compliance

Whether you’re building or buying a solution to manage the individual privacy rights granted by laws like the CCPA, or whether you’ve just started exploring how to ensure your organization is compliant, this white paper will help guide your thinking as you plan your individual rights management solution.

Scalable privacy rights automation for the enterprise

icon prepared

Be Prepared

Automatically fulfill data privacy rights requests based on the GDPR, the CCPA, and new regulations.

icon scale

Scale Comfortably

Mitigate risk and uncertainty with this scalable solution designed for minimal disruption to enterprise operations.

icon report

Easily Report

Full reporting and comprehensive audit trail with no added effort or expense.

icon clear

Be Clear

Demonstrate conspicuous compliance while delighting your customers with an easy, self-service solution.

icon automate

Automate When Needed

Meet your immediate needs for processing SAR and other privacy rights requests, while positioning your enterprise for efficient long-term compliance.

icon stay ahead

Stay Ahead

Automatically accommodate changes in data privacy rights requirements as they emerge.

Features & Benefits

icon portal

Secure Individual Rights Portal

Offer consumers a self-serve privacy experience

icon identity

Identity Validation & Security

Automated identity validation with bank-level security

icon dashboard

Dashboard & Workflow Management

Easily see and track tasks and deadlines

icon data collection

Data Collection Engine

Automatically search, extract, and present data to users

icon data change

Data Change Engine

Automatically delete, change or anonymize data across all systems

icon consent

Consent Management

Let consumers manage consent in the same portal

icon reporting

Reporting & Audit Trail

Automatically log everything with detailed reporting

Truyo Employment Portal

Employment Portal

Separate workflows/portal for employment data requests