In today’s ever-changing privacy environment, it pays to invest in a privacy rights tool that can scale to meet your needs and build trust with your customers. Change the way your organization manages privacy with Truyo by checking the box for compliance with all current privacy laws and automating your Data Subject Access Request process.

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What is Truyo?

Powered by Intel®, Truyo is the tool for mid-size to enterprise-level companies seeking to automate subject rights requests, consent, and other data privacy rights for CCPA, GDPR, and emerging data privacy laws.

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Set the standard in data rights delivery
with the tool that scales with your business

Truyo Features & Benefits

Create better privacy experiences and build trust with Truyo

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Partner with Truyo, the market-leader in privacy rights and health-check management solutions.

Our Clients Save More

Put Truyo in your corner and rest assured that our always compliant policies will help you keep ahead of the ever changing global consumer data privacy laws. Truyo eliminates up to 95% of the operational overhead associated with privacy rights management.

Within one month we saved:


A large retail chain $2.7m in operating costs with CCPA automation


A mid-size restaurant chain $350k in operating costs with CCPA automation


A national homegoods chain $1.1m in operating costs with CCPA automation


A national health and wellness chain $2.6min staffing costs with CCPA automation


A salon chain $180k in operating costs with CCPA automation

Truyo has you covered.

Stay informed on the latest in data privacy, consent management and health data with our free, on-demand resources and webinars.

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