The Ultimate CMMC Compliance Solution

Fulfill and manage your certification requirements with features such as cross and pre-populated control objectives, guided self-attestation, and an optional secure FedRAMP environment courtesy of Egnyte – all in one easy-to-use CMMC compliance tool.

Truyo’s CMMC Compliance Tool provides you with all pieces needed to achieve certification through self-attestation using our framework assessments. You’ll have access to a FedRAMP environment via Egnyte and full access to our suite of 100+ assessments to help you achieve compliance across the board.

Our CMMC Compliance Solution eliminates the need for an expensive CMMC consultant by giving you the tools you need at your fingertips. You can easily and efficiently complete control objectives, build out required documentation, and prepare for CMMC audits all in one place. Truyo’s CMMC Certification Tool is alleviating mainstream companies from the burden of starting from scratch by guiding cybersecurity professionals through the objectives and assisting in completion via cross and pre-population within a web-based CMMC compliance solution.

“I am currently a CMMC Registered Professional (CMMC RP), and GRC practitioner with many years experience, and believe this solution is a game-changer for cybersecurity professionals.”

Charles Riordan, CCSP / CISM / CMMC RP

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From consent to privacy rights automation, Truyo provides you with the tools and platform to create better privacy experiences for consumers, employees, service providers, and privacy teams. Truyo gives you a best-in-class privacy rights management solution for your consumers, privacy teams, and service providers.

Be transparent and build trust with your consumers by giving them access to a customized page to manage their data preferences which can be passed across all brands, departments, and data sources throughout your organization.

Our easy-to-use document automation tool helps your company generate website disclosures, contract language, and internal policies and procedures. When laws like CCPA, GDPR, VCDPA update, or new privacy laws are added, our system creates, stores, and updates your documents.

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