Egnyte & Truyo Have Teamed Up to Create a Comprehensive Solution for All of Your Data

This partnership allows your organization to experience all the benefits of Truyo’s consent and preference management and the data request response automation by connecting with Egnyte’s data governance platform.

All organizations have data in a multitude of formats and repositories. Egnyte + Truyo helps bridge the gap between structured and unstructured data. Leverage the power of Truyo’s automated privacy rights management solution and Egnyte’s cloud content governance platform to help achieve compliance with current and emerging privacy laws, manage your privacy assessments, and truly automate the entire subject access request process from intake to fulfillment, even effectuating changes and making deletions or anonymization. Our solution is security-focused and encompasses all elements you would expect from a platform used by global enterprise companies.

Get to know Truyo

The world of privacy is always changing. Here’s how we can help. Prepare today for changes tomorrow so your organization is always ready, always compliant.

Why add Truyo to your stack?

There are other data privacy tools on the market, but we’re confident that the Truyo offering, paired with Egnyte, is the best solution for your company.

Here’s why!


Through the power of Egnyte + Truyo you can enhance your organizational data access and discovery because all data – both structured and unstructured – will be mapped on demand.


This partnership marries two tools to help you analyze and manage your organization’s documentation, request processes, assessments, and vendors are compliant with regional privacy laws.


Egnyte gives you protection against internal and external threats while Truyo assesses organizational and vendor risk to inform your incident response plan, a key part of obtaining cyber insurance.


Experience a seamless transition to Truyo from another platform, or a manual process, using 300+ connectors meticulously designed to make the transition painless. You’ll also have a designated project lead to help you every step of the way.


Experience true automation with Truyo. The entire subject access request process from intake to fulfillment, even effectuating changes and making deletions or anonymization is touchless, not a workflow.

“From the straight-forward implementation to the platform’s intuitive user interface,
I recommend Truyo to any organization struggling with a data privacy request solution. Our partnership with Truyo has helped us stay on top of and in compliance with CCPA and other state mandated privacy laws.”

Eddie Monge, Senior Compliance & Risk Analyst, Red Robin

About Truyo

From consent to privacy rights automation, Truyo provides you with the tools and platform to create better privacy experiences for consumers, employees, service providers, and privacy teams. Truyo gives you a best-in-class privacy rights management solution for your consumers, privacy teams, and service providers.

Be transparent and build trust with your consumers by giving them access to a customized page to manage their data preferences which can be passed across all brands, departments, and data sources throughout your organization.

Our easy-to-use document automation tool helps your company generate website disclosures, contract language, and internal policies and procedures. When laws like CCPA, GDPR, VCDPA update, or new privacy laws are added, our system creates, stores, and updates your documents.

Privacy programs powered by Truyo

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