Privacy laws keep changing,
Be prepared.

As data privacy rights continue to evolve and new legislation passes, it’s clear that enterprises need support to efficiently and securely manage both compliance and customer satisfaction.

Intel® and IntraEdge came
together to address this
ever-changing privacy landscape.

Our Story

Truyo was built by the IntraEdge team in partnership with Intel® to make data privacy rights compliance easy and accessible. This purpose-built solution is designed to help you address real requirements on an ongoing basis.

As a leader in privacy and an innovator in data management, cloud computing and security, Intel(R) understands and looks to find solutions to address the importance of affordable solutions to the ever-changing privacy landscape, made available to all businesses.

Founded in 2002, IntraEdge knows that technology can transform business, but people are the platform. At IntraEdge, we have the broad talent and extensive expertise only a large, established organization can offer while also providing the flexibility and accessibility typically only available from a much smaller company. In this way, we bridge the technology gap between people, organizations and business opportunities in order to deliver real bottom line value in your world.

Truyo Partner Network

Partner with Truyo, the market-leader in privacy rights automation and health-check management solutions. Expand your offerings, increase revenue, or gain discounts for your clients.

The Truyo partner network is designed for companies providing compliance, security, and wellness solutions.

No joining fee, and a simple, transparent partner program structure to meet your needs.

4 Reasons to Join the Truyo Partner Network


Proven Solutions

Gain access to market-leading software and hardware solutions.


Dedicated Training

You’ll get quickstart guides, demo site access and customized webinars so your team can learn quickly.


Increase Revenue

Recurring SaaS subscription revenue and opportunities for privacy consulting and implementation work with Truyo clients.


Demonstrate your Expertise

Partner Certification Program available.

Partnership Options

Partner with Truyo, the market-leader in privacy rights and health-check management solutions.