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Although there was some doubt that finalization might happen in February, the California Privacy Protection Agency stated that they are expecting to confirm the initial operating rules for the California Privacy Rights Act by the end of January.

If rules are released in January, this suggests a start date of late March or, more likely, early April for compliance. Naturally, that depends on the California Office of Administrative Law passing it the first time, which is a risk. Historically the Attorney General submits to the OAL and they sail through, but the CPPA is novel and many of the rules are substantially distinctive so the California OAL may want clarifications that could delay decision-making by 1-3 months.

The CPPA recently authorized changes to proposed regulations and after a 15-day public comment period, 55 letters were submitted for staff review, according to CPPA Executive Director Ashkan Soltani (Bryant, 2022). It is unlikely that the proposed suggestions would undergo any additional adjustments, he noted. The draft regulations should be presented to the board for final approval by the end of January following the completion of the staff review.




Bryant, J. (2022, December 19). CPPA anticipates final CPRA regulations will be effective by April. Retrieved December 20, 2022, from

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