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Best Practices

Human Error: The Pitfalls of Manual SAR Response


Human error can cause issues with data subject access request responses that can lead to data incidents. With automation, you reduce the chance of error and can focus on other privacy issues.

Human Error: The Pitfalls of Manual SAR Response2022-01-26T22:22:41-07:00

The Lifecycle of a Subject Access Request


Take a walk along the path of a subject access request (SAR), from the point of collection to privacy rights management as a competitive advantage. Get pro tips for SAR management along the way.

The Lifecycle of a Subject Access Request2022-01-26T22:23:43-07:00

Should I Automate SAR Management? A Decision Tool


Walk through this decision tool to uncover how many SARs you might expect to get, how complex your data environment is, and – ultimately – whether it likely is more cost-effective to automate SAR management.

Should I Automate SAR Management? A Decision Tool2022-01-26T22:23:43-07:00

SAR Management Best Practices Checklist


This SAR management checklist for data privacy executives is designed to help you comply with today’s regulations, reduce confusion and noise created by data subjects’ requests for information, and stay flexible enough to react efficiently to the inevitable changes to come.

SAR Management Best Practices Checklist2022-01-26T22:23:43-07:00

What if the GDPR does not apply to me?


With Truyo, businesses can benefit from implementing a solution for transparency, notice and consent around consumer data handling, these extra steps will build trust with their consumer base and set them apart from the competition.

What if the GDPR does not apply to me?2022-01-26T22:23:57-07:00

Advantages of compliance


In light of the more recent data and privacy scandals featured in top news stories, an opportunity for companies to prioritize transparency as they leverage personal data. This trust-building exercise demonstrates goodwill, corporate citizenship, and improved brand equity.

Advantages of compliance2022-01-26T22:23:57-07:00
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