Enterprise Operational Solution for CCPA

A fully automated, end-to-end solution that helps you become compliant immediately.

Truyo Reporting

Near Term Compliance with Long Term Performance

Truyo's base platform provides immediate compliance with the power to add automation.

Truyo eliminates up to 95 percent of the operational overhead associated with privacy rights management

Scalable privacy rights automation for the enterprise

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Secure Subject Access Request Portal
Offer your customers a delightful, self-serve privacy experience ​​​​​​​

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Identity Validation & Security
Automated identity validation with bank-level security ​​​​​​​

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Dashboard & Workflow Management
Easily see and track tasks and deadlines

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Data Collection Engine
Automatically search, extract and present data to users


Data Change Engine
Automatically delete, change or anonymize data across all systems

Truyo Employment Portal

Employment Portal
Separate workflow/portal for employment data requests

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Consent Management ​​​​
Let your customers manage consent within the same portal​​​​​​​

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Reporting & Audit Trail
Automatically log everything with detailed reporting​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

"In-house legal organizations cannot cope with the mounting requirements of modern privacy regulations - such as subject rights requests (SRRs) - with manual workflows or current tools."

Gartner "Predicts 2020: Corporate Legal and Compliance Technology," Jim Murphy, Nader Henein, 17 December 2019

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Set the standard in data rights delivery

The privacy rights solution that scales to your needs

In today’s uncertain environment, it pays to invest in privacy rights tools that can scale as you need; maximizing your investment for tomorrow as well as today. Truyo is built to grow with you.

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Level 1

Workflow Automation

Secure, branded privacy portal

  • Automate identity validation
  • Validate requests
  • Communicate with data subjects
  • Multilingual ready 

Administrator portal

  • Manage unlimited data subject access requests
  • Automatically generate tasks for any size team
  • Generate reports and secure audit log
Level 2

Data Automation

Automate data searches, extraction and presentation

  • Built for the enterprise: robust integration and customization capabilities
  • Set up a flexible, inexpensive data lake on your cloud or premise
  • Automatically pull all data from your backend systems
  • Securely deliver data through the browser or a secure downloadable
Level 3

Change Automation

Automate forget requests, changes and anonymization

  • Make changes without getting any humans involved
  • 100+ pre-built connectors to integrate with your most common systems
  • Automate back-end changes (edit, delete, anonymize) via APIs 
  • Simple API for your development team or we can handle it all for you
Truyo Employment Portal

Employment Portal

Stay current for employment-related privacy rights

  • Centralized management of all employment type requests
  • Unique workflow automation can streamline employment data requests
  • Segregate employment systems from consumer systems to reduce workload
  • Customized employment identity verification for each data type
Limitless Connectors

Truyo has the ability to connect to any systems capable of any kind of machine-to-machine interface.

True end-to-end automation

Unlike most privacy tools which only automate part of your workflow or help you manage tasks, Truyo brings true end-to-end automation to your privacy rights operations. Built for the enterprise and backed by industry leaders.

icon automation

True Automation

Automatically fulfill data subject access requests based on the GDPR, the CCPA, and new regulations.

Full reporting and comprehensive audit trail with no added effort or expense.

icon future proof

Future Proof Scale

Meet your immediate needs for processing SAR and other privacy rights requests, while positioning your enterprise for efficient long-term compliance.

Mitigate risk and uncertainty with this scalable solution designed for minimal disruption to enterprise operations.

icon stay current

Stay Current

Attain conspicuous compliance while delighting your customers with an easy, self-service solution.

Keep current with the data privacy rights requirements as they emerge.

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