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Privacy UX leader to continue technology innovation in changing regulatory landscape.

PHOENIX, December 16, 2020 – Truyo, an IntraEdge company, and developers of the Truyo Privacy Platform and Health-Check Management Solutions, today announced a strategic investment from Intel that extends Truyo’s position as a leading innovator in the privacy technology market with the introduction of the California Privacy Rights Act and a new privacy enforcement body in 2021.

The investment underscores the importance of automation and quality privacy user experience as the privacy landscape changes. 2020 saw further legislative change with the passing of the California Privacy Rights Act and mounting state-level legislation that if passed in 2021, would impact more than half the U.S. population’s data.

“If anything, privacy has become even more important during the pandemic,” said Kal Somani, CEO at IntraEdge. “Our investment partnership with Intel supports the continued development of Truyo’s offerings, offering better privacy experiences for users, consumers and employees. With our focused approach to privacy rights and consent management, organizations can stay on top of the latest regulations while bracing for continued uncertainty.”

With its Privacy Platform powered by Intel® SGX, Truyo specializes in global privacy compliance and creates better privacy experiences with an all-in-one approach to privacy rights and consent management. This investment will further enable Truyo to reduce the cost and eliminate the manual processes associated with subject access requests, consent, and preference management in the changing privacy landscape.

“The need for automated privacy compliance technology is accelerating with the growth of cloud, distributed edge computing, and AI,” said Stacey Shulman, Vice President, Internet of Things Group and GM, Health, Life Sciences and Emerging Technologies at Intel. “As organizations face increasing data privacy regulations, end-to-end privacy solutions will become more important. We’re excited to invest in the growing privacy compliance automation segment with innovators like Truyo.”

Additionally, the investment will further accelerate Truyo’s Health-Check Management Solutions innovation. Truyo’s expertise in privacy and compliance has paved the way for its comprehensive health and wellness solutions that include temperature checking hardware options such as Janus and QuikSense, and its standalone software offering of the Health-Check Management Solutions.

Truyo’s privacy-first approach to temperature and wellness checks enables employers with remote, in-office, and decentralized and hybrid workforces the ability to monitor and manage employee health checks from one secure platform amid the changing workforce.

“As the pandemic continues to take hold in our daily lives, privacy needs to go hand-in-hand with public safety,” said Dan Clarke, President of Truyo. “Businesses are collecting more, and often highly-regulated health data and user privacy cannot be sacrificed. With Truyo’s solutions, health and privacy can both be protected.”

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About Truyo

Truyo, an IntraEdge company, powered by Intel®, offers customers true consent and data privacy rights management automation. Specializing in privacy UX, Truyo has a nuanced understanding and a depth of experience in the operational delivery of privacy rights management creating better privacy rights and consent management experiences for users and companies. Through its Truyo Privacy Platform and Health-Check Management Solutions, Truyo enables global organizations to manage complex compliance requirements, minimize risk and deliver fast ROI. 

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