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PHOENIX, Aug. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — IntraEdge, the company behind Truyo, a privacy compliance platform powered by Intel®, today announced the launch of its proprietary thermal temperature sensor solution, QuikSense, that enables businesses to conduct contactless and privacy-minded health screenings. QuikSense can be tailored to each businesses’ needs and used with existing hardware, like a laptop or desktop, or IntraEdge’s self-check temperature kiosk, Janus co-developed with Pyramid Computer.


As businesses nationwide open their doors, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend daily health checks. Until now, affordable options on the market, like manual temperature screenings, were high-touch, inconsistent and unencrypted, but with QuikSense, companies now have access to a cost-effective solution that prioritizes health and privacy.

“We are at the forefront of learning how to achieve temperature accuracy in real world environments,” said Dan Clarke, President at IntraEdge. “QuikSense meets a gap in the market for accurate, usable and secure temperature readings in the context of the pandemic.”

To meet the highest health, privacy and security standards, QuikSense leverages the Truyo Privacy Rights Platform, an IntraEdge product, powered by Intel®, to power its Health-Check Management Solution that protects data collection, encryption and automation. QuikSense uses a medical-grade sensor that can capture an individual’s temperature by scanning their wrist. Wrist temperatures have been validated by researchers as an equally accurate non-contact alternative to forehead scans, and QuikSense provides the same level (+/- 0.5º F) level of accuracy as the leading product on the market.

QuikSense is available for nationwide order and delivery. It is manufactured in Arizona and is ready to ship in less than two weeks. To learn more, please visit:  

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