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Truyo, previously GDPR Edge, in partnership with Intel, Microsoft, TrustArc and DLA Piper visited 20 cities across the US and Europe to help data privacy and protection executives better understand the implications of the GDPR, CCPA and other privacy regulations.

These events, titled The CCPA + Privacy Summit and hosted exclusively for key data privacy executives in each city, were specifically designed to create a forum where those in complex, enterprise organizations could discuss the realities of what it takes to operationalize compliance with the plethora of data privacy regulations now in place.

Each summit began with a deep dive on the latest news around the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). A legal privacy leader from DLA Piper reviewed the details of the regulation, the notable differences from the GDPR, and pointed out the areas still in flux before answering individual questions from the attendees.

Next, a TrustArc privacy expert dove into the details of a study they commissioned that detailed how complex organizations have handled the GDPR. Through this information a path for prioritization regarding all regulations emerges, including trends regarding how the privacy team being situated within legal or tech teams affects those needs.

Both Intel and Microsoft showcased their passion and commitment for proper data privacy management and their cutting edge tools that can help large enterprise clients turn proper data management into a competitive advantage.

To look at how to take strategies for operationalizing privacy compliance into a real, tactical plan, the CTO of Truyo presented on innovative approaches that efficiently utilize technology – unlocking the secrets of proper data management in a world where data subjects now need access to and control over their data. Whether a company is looking to build their own internal solution or leverage external technology solutions, these lessons were invaluable.

Finally, the attendees, as a newly built micro-community of data privacy experts in each city, shared their own experiences and best practices to help each other move forward. Capping the evening with a top-notch wine tasting and dinner event ensured these new communities seeded in each city will continue to grow.

For those unable to attend an event a private experience is available. For more information contact Gabe Kruse at:

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