Intel 6/18 – Truyo is an Intel Market Ready Solution + Intel IoT Solutions Alliance

June 2018 – Truyo, previously GDPR Edge, is proud to announce it has been granted “Market Ready Solution” status with Intel(R) IoT Solutions Alliance, and is available today on the Solutions Directory catalog.

IOT Solutions Alliance

Now available globally, Truyo, powered by Intel®, brings the world’s first blockchain-based solution for data privacy regulation compliance to Intel IoT customers worldwide.

With Truyo, companies can now fully automate Access Requests and other Individual Rights initiated by Data Subjects under CCPA + GDPR guidelines, complete with custom branded privacy portals, workflow management, automated reporting, and centralized data and consent management.

To request more information on Truyo, visit Intel’s IoT Solution Directory

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Powered by IntelⓇ, Truyo is the automated answer for enterprises seeking to deploy truly integrated SAR, consent, and other data privacy rights processing capabilities that scale with your needs, deliver conspicuous compliance, and adapt to new privacy regulations as they emerge.