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As the first quarter of 2023 is winding down, the year is unfolding eventfully, but generally as expected. Those in the privacy world, like you, know this is a rapidly changing landscape with new developments monthly, if not weekly. So far, this year has not disappointed! The states continue to work to fill the gap left by the lack of federal law even amid renewed discussion of the ADPPA. So, what do we expect for the rest of the year and how do you prepare?

Truyo spoke with expert privacy professionals to get their take on what you can expect as 2023 continues to be a hugely significant year for US privacy.

Jon Leibowitz, Former Chair of the FTC

“Both Democrats and Republicans want to move a privacy bill out of the House quickly and put pressure on the Senate. I predict there will surely be hiccups along the road, but lawmakers seem optimistic about pushing privacy across the finish line this Congress.”

Dan Clarke, President of Truyo

“I anticipate the California Privacy Protection Agency stepping up enforcement; in particular, I predict they start using a semi-automated process to assess compliance, such as respecting GPC, since Ashkan Soltani is an innovative tech person.”

Jeff Sizemore, Chief Governance Officer at Egnyte

“Cybersecurity’s increasing intersection with data privacy will become integral to the success of every organization’s privacy program this year. And to be truly secure, you need to put metrics in place to measure your success. Furthermore, I believe that the American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA) will ultimately pass and be the source of meaningful metrics for data privacy as enforcement becomes more stringent.”

David Zetoony, Co-Chair, U.S. Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice at Greenberg Traurig

“I predict that 2023 is the ‘year of privacy diligence’ with regulatory agencies in Europe and the United States really focused on agreements governing onward transfers to service providers, processors, vendors, and other partners.”

Odia Kagan, Partner & Chair of GDPR Compliance and International Privacy at Fox Rothschild

“I expect an enforcement focus on transparency (disclosures done well), sensitive information (health and location), children’s information and customer’s expectations (as an indication of the need for consent/clear disclosure etc.).”

Michael Hellbusch, Partner at Rutan & Tucker

“I predict more focus on informational harms from regulators and scholars. I expect significant divergence in how privacy harms are treated in the courts versus how they are treated by regulators.”

Predicting the future of privacy is challenging. Still, the forecasts given by top experts in the field of privacy are a great indicator of what to expect for the rest of 2023 as organizations are called upon to fortify their privacy practices.

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