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Consumer Report has emerged as one of the leading Authorized Agents in 2022 aiming to make consumer data subject access requests a more streamlined and consistent process. CR announced the Data Rights Protocol in the hopes of establishing a mainstream standard for consumers. Kevin Riggle, a Consumer Report consultant, says, “Our goal in building the Data Rights Protocol (DRP) is to make it easier for consumers to make data rights requests across corporate America, and easier for businesses to handle them, by standardizing how they are made” (Riggle, 2022).

The combination of Consumer Report’s DRP network and Permission Slip, their recently announced agent, enable consumers to submit compliant requests that are verifiable and therefore must be processed by the receiving company. To eliminate the risk of unauthorized requests, the DRP will create a network of businesses and Authorized Agents using “asymmetric-key cryptography” or “public-key cryptography” which creates unique digital signature numbers to identify requests that are authorized and compliant (Riggle, 2022).

What Does This Means for You

The DRP and Permission Slip, along with other Authorized Agents, are a double-edged sword for companies. As these agents gain momentum, the likelihood that the volume of consumer requests increases across the board amplifies; however, companies will have a verifiable way to ascertain that requests are, in fact, compliant and must be processed.

A large retailer weighed in saying at this time they’re in a wait-and-see pattern, keeping track of the developments while not wanting to unnecessarily and inadvertently enable capabilities until necessary. We agree this may be a good approach until more information is released.

How is Truyo Helping Companies Prepare

The heart of Truyo’s privacy platform is automation, expertly designed to create a touchless DSAR response process for the age of agents that will inevitably increase request volume. By identifying all data, both structured and unstructured, Truyo can automatically complete request responses from deletion to anonymization.

A Look at Truyo’s Automation Flow

truyo automation flow

Not only will your Truyo platform manage the requests for you, but it’ll provide you with all evidence needed to prove compliant responses and reporting as required by jurisdiction. From Truyo’s Administrative Portal you’ll be able to keep an eye on request volume, response timelines, and any associated tasks, giving your privacy team a holistic view of your DSAR process and productivity.

As more agents begin to find their way into the mainstream, it’s important to have your privacy processes automated sooner than later. If you’d like to discuss how Truyo can enable your organization for this new generation of Authorized Agents, click this link to schedule. 





Riggle, K. (2022, December 1). Securing a common protocol for consumer data rights requests. Digital Lab at Consumer Reports. Retrieved December 20, 2022, from

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